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Hey, I'm Wen! This store is fueled by my personality and love for internet humor! I was born and raised in Florida, but moved to San Francisco to pursue more into my love of arts and to get myself more involved with strong communities! :-) As someone who has thrived off of the communities of the internet world, I love inserting the 'weird' and nonsensical humor that comes with it. 

While a lot of the store is filled with jokes and good times, I always want to make sure our products are quality and can last for a few years down the line, that won't break the bank. Our clothes are sweat shop free and child labor free, with majority of our accessories being recycled. 

This store is run by me, and orders are fulfilled by the lovely team of White Squirrel in Washington state! If there's any concerns,  please don't hesitate to contact me at Or if you just wanna say hi, I don't mind! :-)