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'be gay! do crimes!' sweatshirt

'be gay! do crimes!' sweatshirt

$ 48.00


Are you gay? Have you been involved in criminal activity in the past five years? Well, you don't have to answer either of those questions, but this sweatshirt is a bold self-expression to the public that you might be/have done one of these things (you can leave them up to their imagination).

This sweatshirt shows the design of a cat (based on Wen's cat, Lychee) wearing a full black bodysuit carrying a bag of money. This isn't a typically printed design though, puffy ink was used on the dollar bills so you can physically feel the dimensions on it! 

The details:

  • The sweatshirt is manufactured by Lane Seven, ethically responsible and socially compliant plants with industry leading certifications!
  • Sweatshirts are UNISEX-sized! 
  • Screen-printed in Los Angeles, California!
  • Fleece interior, cozy as heck!
  • Model is 168 cm and wearing a size medium.


SMALL 20" in 27" in
MEDIUM 22" in 28" in
LARGE 24" in 39" in
XL 26" in 30" in
2XL 28" in 31" in
3XL 30" in 32" in

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