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tattoo ticket

tattoo ticket

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This donation listing is for anyone who's interested in getting one of my art/doodles tattooed on them and would like my permission. O

Did you see a doodle of mine that just made you think "wow I would like to get this professionally tattooed on me" (or even a stick 'n' poke!)... well first of all I majorly appreciate anyone who is willing to have my stuff on their skin permanently and second of all, here's an official donation listing where you 'purchase' a tattoo ticket that has me give you the invisible thumbs up in getting that tattoo! It's basically just a donation directly to me as a person to show your support for my work and it helps in me continuing what I do best, making some fun stuff for people to enjoy! 

Quick disclaimer: I am NOT a tattoo artist, this is a donation that will immediately give you my permission in using my work to put on your skin. You are not obligated in having to donate to me, but it is greatly appreciated as you will be directly supporting me. Plus, if you get a tattoo of any of my work whether it's a doodle or an official illustration, please show it to me! :-)


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